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Whether you need that special cut for your next architectural wonder, a delicately carved stone fountain for that one-of-a-kind garden, or Italian Rubble Rock for that distinctive European style, Espinoza Stone has the exceptional selection you desire, backed by the experience and quality you demand.


Since 1996, we have produced exceptional stone and custom stone products for commercial, residential, and landscaping applications. From our extensive line of custom carved stone products including fireplaces, window and door surrounds, patio stone and pool copings, to columns, fountains, garden stone, and our flagship thick cut veneer stone, Espinoza Stone's vast selection of products are second to none, and have met with the most stringent quality assurance standards.


As Texas’ largest producer of quality, affordable natural stone products, Espinoza Stone, Inc., operates over 2,000 acres of quarry comprised of eight locations – as far south as the Big Bend region of Texas, and to the north in eastern Oklahoma.